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Mediterranean country with part of the country lying on the coast while the inland areas are in continental Europe, offering visitors the best of both worlds. Croatia has only recently become a popular tourist destination and thus provides a more inexpensive and authentic European holiday experience.

What to do while in Dubrovnik?

With a pleasant Mediterranean climate, 260 sunny days per year and protected nature, Dubrovnik offers you the opportunity to explore historical sites, museums and galleries, and to learn about the wisdom of our ancestors. Enhance your holiday with a tour of the city and its surroundings, tasting exquisite gastronomic specialties or attending sports events that will invigorate both your body and soul.

Why visit Dalmatian Hinterland

When you wish to rest your body and fill your soul with beauty, let the road take you to the green Dalmatian Hinterland. The area is full of a magical atmosphere in the tame villages and small towns. They have not stopped pulsing with life, preserving the authenticity of the Central Dalmatian hinterland. Split Hinterland is the continental part of Central Dalmatia and is only a 40 minutes’ drive from Split.

Walking tour in Split

Split walking tour, is certainly, virtually a time machine. Tour takes us, above all, through the roman, medieval time, Venetian rule, Austrian rule, Yugoslav time, recent homeland war, till the present day.